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The award-winning game of Palace Building. Forget houses and hotels - Build some real property! The Sultan of Granada has called for the most impressive palace the world has ever seen - compete against your opponents to build the ALHAMBRA. You are one of the Master Builders taking up this challenge, competing for glory, respect and riches!

ALHAMBRA is a game that blends careful planning with quick thinking and the creative use of resources.

Granada at the beginning of the 13th century - work has started on building the ALHAMBRA. The best master builders in the whole of Europe and Arabia want to demonstrate their skills. Employ the most suitable teams of Builders and make sure that you always have enough of the right currency. Because no matter whether they are stonemasons from the north or horticulturists from the south - they all want a proper wage and insist on their "native" currency.

In Alhambra, players are acquiring buildings to be placed within their Alhambra complex. On a player's turn, a player may take money from the open money market, purchase a building from the building market, or engage in construction and re-construction projects with buildings that have been placed in the player's reserve. The game rewards efficiency, as when a player purchases a building from the market for the exact amount of money, the player may take another turn. Players with the most buildings in each of the seven building types score in each of the scoring phases, and points are awarded for players' longest external "wall" section within their complex. The game ends when the building market can no longer be replenished from the building tile supply, and there is a final scoring, whereupon the player with the highest score wins.

110 game cards, 60 tiles, 12 counters, 8 boards, 1 bag, 1 set of rules

2 to 6 Players, Ages 8+

Playing time: 45 - 60 mins

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