Battle Strikers Starter Set




Battle Strikers Metal XS! Experience the high-speed action and sound of metal-on-metal clashing at over 6000 revolutions per minute while you control every movement with the magnetic DLX Controller!

The new Metal XS Starter Pack gives you the chance to pick your Battle Strikers team! Predator, Paladin, or Phantom, each Starter Pack contains a Striker from the selected team, a magnetic DLX Controller with the team medallion, and the team's Turbo Boost Launcher to rev up your Striker to 6000 RPM (3 AA batteries required). The DLX Controller features a full-hand grip and magnetic fingertip that can be adjusted to left or right hands of any length.


  • Collectable, magnetically controlled spinning top.
  • Solid-metal Weapons for intense battles.
  • Customize your Striker with any Metal XS or Series 2 parts.
  • Motorized Turbo Boost Launcher for fast and powerful play.
  • Magnetic controller guides the Striker; you control the battle!
  • Exciting, strategic battling; no two Strikers are the same.

3 different starter sets to collect (Predator, Paladin, and Phantom), Price for 1 shipped randomly.

Ages 8+

Brands Include