Blue Knight Berserga Story 1-Coin Figures



These are the Blue Knight Berserga Story 1-Coin Figures from Kotobukiya and are only available in blind packaging boxes. There are 5 in the series and 1 secret figure, but each figure comes in either a normal colour or a “weathering version”, so the total number of figures to collect is 12.

Rewind to the late 80′s. Writer/artist Hiroyuki Hataike and mecha designer Kazumi Fujita updated and re-imagined the designs from the original Armored Trooper VOTOMs TV series for a serialized novel series called Blue Knight Berserga which ran in Takara’s Dual Magazine.

Fast forward and Kotobukiya have taken their series of expensive 1/35 resin Blue Knight models from a few years ago and downsized them for easier consumption. The details are all still there at a scale of about half the size (1/60th). These toys lack the “full-action” features of their larger predecessors, but they make up for it in pre-painted awesomeness. These toys do manage to retain a little poseability, mainly in the arms, with some also having moving hips, but the real draw is the amazing paint jobs.

Price per Single Figure - Shipped Randomly (multiple purchase may result in duplicates).

Japanese Import, Ages 15+

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