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Cheatwell Games - Family Fun. Choose from 3 different games to get the whole family involved.

‘Chattabox’ - This quick-witted word game is a riot of fun! It's a helter-skelter race in which you must get rid of your cards by calling out answers to teasing topics. Once the topic has been announced you'll have to think quickly, calling examples that start with the letters on your cards Try not to panic and do your best to keep the momentum going whilst playing out the cards in your hand - but don't delay - pause too long or fail to play your cards and you'll pick up a penalty!

3+ Players, Ages 8+

‘Up A Bit’ - Left-a-bit...back-a-bit.....down-a-bit....STOP! In this hilarious game of picture guesswork you are given a host of simple, everyday objects to draw.. but there's a wicked twist... only one player knows what the picture on the card looks like. Without being able to see what everyone else is drawing, they tell you how to move your pencils and you try to guess what on earth the object is! Tantalising teasing fun, Up-A-Bit will push your powers of description to the absolute limit - and a bit beyond!

3+ Players, Ages 8+

‘Kid’s Charades’ - This classic acting party game is jam-packed with hundreds of mimes that are guaranteed to keep children amused for hours. It's a rib-tickling race to act out a charade from each of the six categories a game that teaches new skills, uses heaps of imagination & needs more than a little luck! You can never be sure what's coming next one moment you might be 'TYING YOURSELF IN KNOTS'the next you're 'SCORING A PENALTY'or maybe evenWINNING A THREE-LEGGED RACE'! Played against the clock, this charades game is instant fun and laughter for kids - & grown-ups too!

3+ Players, Ages 8+

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