Crap Trumps - Crap Cars 1



Crap Trumps 'Crap Cars 1' contains 55 of the motor industry's most unloved beings, including but not exclusive to: The Bedford Rascal - The Yugo 40 Extended limo - A crashed Cop car - The Skoda Favorit sport - The OMFG Badger 1 - The Austin Munter - And... A Robin Reliant fire truck......Serious!

CRAP TRUMPS SERIES 1 - CRAP CARS - 55 of the worst cars - The Funniest Images - Nice Shiny Box - Jumbo Sized Cards - 110mm x 75mm - Doubles as a standard pack of cards - Lose In almost every category Categories include: Engine Capacity, Cost, Stopping Distance, Windscreen Wiper Speed, Surface area Rust, 0 - 60, Oil Consumption, Cost To Achieve MOT, Hairpin Cornering Speed, & Crap Factor.

Brands Include