Cutthroat Caverns



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Without teamwork... you'll never survive. Without betrayal... you'll never win!

An artifact of untold power lies in your hands. To claim it, you must escape the caverns alive. No less than nine horrific beasts stand in your way - that, and the greed of the other players. In this game of kill-stealing, you decide whether to swing for a whopping 50 points of damage - or hold back, awaiting a more opportune time to strike. Only the final blow matters if you are to score the kill. Hold back or sabotage other's plans too much - and the entire party will die, without a winner.

Genre-bending, and dice-less. The totally immersive feel of a RPG in a simple, elegant card game.

Includes - 94 Action/Attack/Item Cards, 6 Initiative Cards, 6 Character Cards (to track your health), 25 Oversized Encounter Cards, 1 Monster Life Tracker, 8 Glass Beads (2 Yellow, 6 Green), 1 Token Sheet.

3-6 Players, Ages 12+
Play Timne Approx. 90 mins.

Brands Include