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Dobble is a visual perception card game where players race to find the one matching picture between one card and another. The pictures can be different sizes. The cards are round and feature a variety of colourful images of items like insects, plants, symbols, and smiley faces. Every card is unique, and has only one picture in common with each card in the deck. Dobble comes in a tin and is very portable.

55 Cards
Travel Tin

2-8 Players
Ages 6+

  • Board, Deck & Dice says - ‘When I first heard the concept for dobble my brain melted. What voodoo was this? Every card shares one picture with another card. From this simple premise comes a number of variations on spotting the duplicate between two cards. It’s great family fun, but still voodoo.’ For more board game content check out Board, Deck & Dice YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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