Flash Point 2nd Edition



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Flash Point: Fire Rescue 2nd Edition is a fully cooperative game, everyone plays on the same firefighting team - win or lose together! Every turn is filled with the tension of having to fight the fire back, rescuing victims or investigating points of interest. Players can ride the ambulance to safety or fire the engine's deck gun in a desperate attempt to control the blaze. No two games are ever the same - and with two rulesets (family, & experienced) and 3 different difficulty levels there is a challenge to be had for all.

Contents:- 1 x game board, 1 x rules, 33 x threat markers, 24 x damage markers, 24 x hot spot markers, 18 x POI markers, 6 x hazmat markers, 3 x heal tokens, 21 x action tokens, 3 x vehicle markers, 6 x fire fighters, 8 x specialist cards, 6 x player cards, 2 x dice.

2-6 Players, Ages 10+

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