Gearworld - The Borderlands



Gearworld: The Borderlands is a game of negotiation, conquest and construction in which two to four players compete to gain the favor of the Sky People for their tribe of scavengers in a post-apocalyptic landscape. 
Based on the classic board game Borderlands designed by Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge and Peter Olotka, Gearworld: The Borderlands has streamlined the original rules and re-imagined the game's setting while retaining its predecessor's spirit and core mechanics. Players must negotiate trades and alliances, conquer their rivals' territory and gather resources in a race to build the skyworks to win the favor of those who live in the World Above.
Gearworld: The Borderlands includes a game board with beautiful, detailed artwork, 220 tokens and 100 plastic figures in four different colors.
2-4 Players, Ages 14+
Play Time - Approx. 1-2 Hours

Brands Include