Heroclix - Halo 5-Figure Pack




The story of the legendary Halo universe is finally making its way to HeroClix with this 45 figure Halo HeroClix release. Each 5-figure booster is locked and loaded with the games greatest heroes and villains. Grab Master Chief and a few UNSC Spartans and face off against the invasive flood and the Covenant.

Halo HeroClix features the exciting new grenade mechanic, giving 'clix' players a brand new tactic for taking down their opponents. Each sculpt depicts a classic Halo character holding one of the games many iconic weapons.

Moving on from ActionClix, this new Halo HeroClix set is compatible with Marvel, DC sets, and all other HeroClix Figures.

Price per 5-Figure Booster - Shipped Randomly (Blind - Unchecked).

Brands Include