Ivor The Engine




Ivor the Engine, from the legendary Smallfilms studio, is one of the most enduring children's series in British television history. Beautifully-illustrated by Peter Firmin and charmingly-written by Oliver Postgate, the books and films of Ivor's adventures with dragons, choirs, circus elephants, sheep and snowdrifts have enchanted families for over 50 years.

The Ivor The Engine board game is set in the top left-hand corner of Wales as represented by a beautiful new map drawn especially for the game by Peter Firmin. Players must travel around the branch railway line clearing flocks of delightfully-shaped wooden sheep pieces ('sheeples') that are stopping Ivor from doing his work; when the sheep have been removed, gaining you points, then familiar jobs from the classic stories can be completed for even more points. The game also comes with a specially-created deck of cards each illustrated with familiar scenes from the original series and some with brand new pieces of Peter Firmin's wonderful artwork.

3-5 Players, Ages 8+

Game Time Approx. 1 Hour

Brands Include