Jungle Speed - Raving Rabbids Edition



Jungle Speed: Raving Rabbids Edition adds a few twists to the basic Jungle Speed game, starting with a "Raving Rabbids" character that sits atop the token. If a player grabs this Rabbid - even when someone grabs the totem by mistake - she can give a card from her face-down stack to the player of her choice. Other cards have players race to create rabbit ears on their head or grab the Rabbid without knocking over the totem. Another special card forces everyone but the active player to close their eyes, while the active player moves the totem to some point on the table within reach of everyone; the other players (with eyes still closed) then race to find the totem first using only their hands. Don't gouge your neighbor too much!

For 2 - 10 Players, Ages 8+
Duration - 15 minutes

Brands Include