Mage Wars Academy




Mage Wars Academy is a two-player starter set that features two mages, two spellbooks, and a new "boardless" gameplay design that's more portable and fast-playing than Mage Wars Arena. All of the spell cards included in Academy are compatible with those in Arena.

Mage Wars Academy introduces an entirely new, stand lone game to the exciting Mage Wars universe of Etheria. Similar to Mage Wars Arena, players will take on the role of dueling Mages, attempting to use their cunning, wit, and tactics to defeat their opponent by reducing their life to zero. Completely different from Arena though, Academy is played without a board, in a much faster time (matches range from 20-30 minutes) and yet still offers strategic choices, tactical combat, and exciting game play! Setting up a game of Mage Wars Academy is very quick and simple. Players will find a place to play that allows them to sit across from each other, take their Mages out of their spellbooks, along with their ability cards, then use the provided spindown status tracker to set their starting life and mana. Players roll for initiative, and the match begins. While many Mage Wars fans will be familiar with playing over a grand arena, Academy takes place in a single zone, with no movement and no escape!

2 Players, Ages 14+

Brands Include