Mage Wars - Druid Vs Necromancer Expansion




Play as the Necromancer - a master of disease and undead, or the Druid - controller of nature forces.

The Druid strives to conquer her adversary with an unstoppable growth of plants across the arena. Carnivorous vines, poisonous flowers, and giant trees will rise to do her bidding. Left unchecked, the Druid?s forces will slowly but surely engulf the arena and overwhelm her foe. The Necromancer is a master of disease and the undead. His graveyard summons hordes of zombies. They are slow, but relentless, and gain strength in numbers. His malicious skeletons are diabolically clever and able to repair themselves if damaged in combat. He will spread plagues and disease across the arena to wipe out all life.

This expansion contains - 216 spells, including over 50 new spells, 2 Spellbooks, Die Cut Markers, Rules.

Mage Wars Core Set required (sold separately) to play this expansion.

Ages 14+

Brands Include