Magno-Z Single Figure



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Magno-Z are hair-ee, springy, stretchy magnetic fun! Each Magno-Z character has a body made out of springy coils, wild frizzy hair and magnetic hands and feet. With six colours and nine different characters, there are over 50 to collect. Each character has a different name and personality. Addictive, poseable, pocket-money play.

Patented magnetic connectors mean that you can attach your Magno-Z characters to any metal surface. There are lots of ways to play with these crazy characters; see how many surfaces you can stick them to, wriggle their stretchy bodies or style their silly hair. Collect more and you can stick, hang, cling, pose and play with them together - the more you have the more fun you will have!

Price per single Magno-z (choose colour - character shipped randomly).

Ages 3+

Brands Include