Moshi Monsters - Mash Up Collectors Tin




Moshi Monsters Mash Up 'Code Breakers' Edition Collectors Tin - Packed with 20 Mash Up cards, including a special peek-a-boo card, and an exclusive super fan collector tag, this tin really is a must have for all Moshi Monsters fans.

Moshi Monsters Mash Up is based on the phenomenally successful online world of Moshi monsters, one of the fastest growing children’s brands in the world! Moshi Monsters is a free-to-play, fun-filled world of adoptable virtual pets with social online gameplay and engaging educational puzzles!

Collectors Tin Includes -

20 'Series 3 Code Breakers' Mash Up cards, including a special "peek-a-boo" card.
1 Exclusive Collector Tag!

Brands Include