Moshi Monsters - Mash Up Starter



Moshi Monsters Mash Up Code Breakers edition.

Featuring a host of new characters, there is now brand new Scratch and Sniff cards and Thermo-Reactive ink cards to look out for in lucky packets! But that's not all... Secret Moshi facts are hidden on lucky cards for collectors to discover!

Moshi Monsters Mash Up is based on the phenomenally successful online world of Moshi Monsters, one of the fastest growing children's brands in the world! Moshi Monsters is a free-to-play, fun-filled world of adoptable pet monsters - combining adorable virtual pets with social online gameplay and engaging educational puzzles!

Mash Up Code Breakers Starter Pack includes:

Collector Binder
Game Guide
Game Mat
Red reveal lens card
1 x Mash Up Packet
1 x Limited Edition card

Brands Include