MTG Booster - Eldrich Moon



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  • Eldrich Moon is 2nd (and final) expansion in the Shadows over Innistrad block.
  • "The last protections over Innistrad have faded with the death of Avacyn. Nahiri has summoned Emrakul to the plane, to take revenge on Sorin Markov. The Titan of Corruption and Warper of Biology twists all things living, be it plants, animals, or sentient beings, into Eldrazi Horrors."
  • The set contains 205 cards (74 commons, 70 uncommons, 47 rares, 14 mythic rares), including 15 double-faced cards, 6 meld cards (3 pairs), and randomly inserted premium foil versions of all cards.
  • 15 random cards per booster, price per single booster.
  • Ages 13+

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