Star Trek Expeditions



Star Trek Expeditions, a co-operative game by multi award winning Reiner Knizia and Wizkids Games.

In the game (based on the 2009 Feature Film Characters), players assume the roles of Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Uhura. The premise is the Federation has received a petition for membership from the planet Nibia and the Enterprise is dispatched to assess their application. When the Enterprise arrives, they discover the President of Nibia less than happy to see the Enterprise!

A Klingon Battle Cruiser is in orbit, Civil War is threatening to break out on the planet, and the planet is (coincidentally?) reconsidering its application for UFP membership. Your mission is threefold - defuse the threat of Civil War, deal with the Klingon threat, and get the planet to join the UFP. And you only have 30 days (each day is a turn) to do it in, otherwise a Klingon battle fleet will warp in and you will be forced to withdraw (thus failing your mission). Each objective is tracked on a scoresheet that monitors your progress. Decisions you make in the game as well as how you interact with the other players will affect the outcome of the mission.

With three difficulty levels, random side missions, player strategies and a unique branching mission tree to ensure every game will be a unique and memorable experience.

Contents Include:

6 Highly Detailed, Fully Painted HeroClix Miniatures
Game Board
14 Stardate Cards
42 Energize Cards
21 Captain's Log Cards
25 Captain's Log Supplemental Cards
15 Regular and 5 Major Discovery Tokens
Score Tracker
4 Away Team Cards
4 Turn Order Cards
3 Custom Dice

No. of Players 1 - 4
Duration: Around 60 mins.
Ages 14+

Brands Include