Top Trumps - Star Trek 3D Specials



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You can now bring Top Trumps to life with Top Trumps 3D!

Travel to the final frontier as Top Trumps boldly goes where no game has gone before and brings together the captains, crews and alien baddies from decades of space travel. From Kirk to Picard, to Janeway, Sisko and Archer, along with their allies and comrades of all races and origins, pitch Spock against Neelix, see if a Romulan is tougher than the Borg, and read all about the Federation.

On the first card in this 3D pack it will ask you go to the toptrumps website. Download free 3D software and show the first card to your webcam. Then you're off! You will be asked a series of questions and you have to find the answer using the cards in your pack. Hold up the magic symbol cards facing the webcam and a 3D image will appear on the screen telling you what to do next.

Ages 3+

Brands Include