Top Trumps - Turbo All Stars



Top Trumps Turbo All Stars - A star-studded edition of the addictive Top Trumps game. Hit the turbo spinner to kick start the game, take on your friends in the various mini games in a bid to win as many pegs as you can for your score bar. Steal your opponents pegs to boost your score, when your bar is filled, start the turbo final.

Perfect to play with the family, who will have the ultimate trump? With six packs that include: Movie Stars, Pop Stars, Sports Stars, Toys, TV and the Wow! pack.

Contents -

1 x Plastic hub with Electronic Spinner
6 x Different packs of Top Trumps
6 x Plastic Scorebars
50 x Pegs in a cloth bag
1 x Rule Book

2 AA batteries required. (included)

2-6 Players, Ages 6+

Brands Include