Walking Dead 'Series 9 ' Action Figures




McFarlane Toys Walking Dead ‘Series 9’ Action Figures - Choose from;

Beth: Beth in her yellow polo top, sweater, jeans and boots that she wore on the road to Terminus and in Daryl’s arms after the failed attempt to rescue her from Grady Memorial.

Daryl:  Daryl from the prison, digging graves for those dead from the flu. Daryl comes with a grave, a shovel and a bandana to protect himself from flu germs.

T-Dog: Theodore Douglas in riot gear. One of the nostalgia figures. T-dog was an original survivor. He made it to the prison where he was bitten and used himself to distract the walkers to allow Carol to escape.

Michonne: Not katana wielding Michonne, but uniform-wearing Constable of Alexandria Michonne. Deanna’s way of having Michonne take care of the people, including Rick.

Water Walker:  Authentic wet walker from the flooded food pantry in season 5 where Bob was bitten.

Price per single character / figure, each around 13cm tall, with 20+ points of articulation.

Ages 14+

Brands Include